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provides consulting to aviation professionals and companies

• Any public entity or private consortium participating in
development or infrastructure management projects

• Professionals in the sector who have to deal with
security issues, such as airport operators, airlines, etc.

• National and international supervisory authorities


Our core missions

• Project management assistance for infrastructure projects
    ○ development strategy
    ○ performance analysis
    ○ choice of management and monitoring methods, including public service delegation
    ○ creation or rehabilitation of airport infrastructures and equipment
    ○ impact studies, feasibility studies

• Development of safety culture and safety management systems
    ○ training for the concept of « Culture juste »
    ○ definition of security objectives
    ○ risk mapping
    ○ managing management systems, all changes, meeting goals and analyzing events

• Management of the relationship with tsupervisory authorities
    ○ carrying out safety studies
    ○ support for certification procedures, approvals, obtaining specific authorizations and compliance

• Establishment and monitoring operational processes and quality processes
    ○ optimization
    ○ planning of compliance monitoring and associated methods developments
    ○ design and implementation

• Skills enhancement
    ○ training and pedagogical engineering
    ○ teaching

We bring together consultants with proven operational, institutional and regulatory experiences


Thérèse dhersin -


Thérèse Dhersin graduated from ENAC in 1975 having completed a training as an air traffic control officer in the French Air Force. As such, she obtained all the qualifications associated with air traffic control and has occupied positions in the fields of civil and military aviation, including testing and approval.

She had the opportunity to conduct missions in theatres of operations in Africa, Latin America and Europe (Bosnia, etc.).

She joined the Air Operations Division of the ADP Group in 2000 and contributed to implementing the new air traffic organisation in the Paris Terminal Area and was responsible for communication relating to these new systems, in particular with regard to the environment purposes. She then occupied various positions in the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport Operations Division implementing and certifying the safety management system and, within the framework of airport development, she is in charge of global operational airport capacity.

At Paris Orly, she served as General Manager for airside operations for five years. In particular, she coordinated the maintenance and major transformation and compliance work on these operational areas (runway renovation, development of aircraft taxiways and stands). She accompanied the certification of the safety management system through the national regulation procedure and within the framework of its conversion to European regulation.

Gérard Lefèvre -


A graduate of École Polytechnique (X72) and the École nationale de l’Aviation civile (National Civil Aviation School - IAC75). Forty years’ experience in all aspects of civil aviation. Throughout his career, he has occupied different positions at the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC), in other ministries and with Aéroports de Paris Group, 

managing multi faceted issues in complex environment. His experience skills and assets include :

• Managed business units operating fleets

of aeroplanes and helicopters

• Deep knowledge of operators in the fields of civil aviation

and air transport

Network of stakeholders in territorial administration

• Participated and managed large-scale, transverse projects, in particular: the fundamental transformation of French airline pilots’ training (1991-1995); the reorientation of the activities of an operational unit of the DGAC (1996-1998); the implementation of a body of regulations in the field of aviation security following the events of 11/09/2001 (2001-2003); the fundamental change in status of French airports (2002-2005); integrated certification of activities at CDG airport (2007-2008).

He has recently occupied positions in the Civil Aviation Safety Directorate (DSAC – National Aviation Authority), in particular that of “Airworthiness and Operations” Director.


offers state of the arts solutions tailored

to the needs of its clients

and provides meticulously prepared diagnostics and recommendations independently and in accordance with the commitments taken. Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed.


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